UCSF Biomedical NMR Laboratory

Our laboratory is fully integrated within the Biomedical NMR lab on the Mission Bay Campus at UCSF. This facility aoccupies 1660 sq. ft. and currently houses a high field multi-nuclear 500 MHz HR-MAS NMR spectrometer, a 600 MHz multinuclear micro-imaging spectrometer (Agilent Technologies) and a liquid-cryogen free rodent-dedicated Bruker BioSpec 3 Tesla MR/MRS systems that are uniquely integrated with two HyperSense™ (Oxford Instruments) DNP hyperpolarizers. A large number of high-field spectrometers (400 MHz, two 500 MHz, two 600 MHz and a 800 MHz) with multi-nuclear capabilities and sensitive cryo-probes are also available for high resolution NMS. All magnets are dedicated to run biomedical samples with complimentary features, including high-resolution magic angle spinning (HR-MAS) spectroscopy, and micro-imaging capabilities that allow for NMR studies of biopsy, surgical tissues, cell and tissue cultures, and murine models of diseases. By placing the two HyperSenseTM polarizers adjacent to the two high field NMR spectrometers, maximum advantage of the unique features of each of the magnets is used. (Figure. (A) 11.7T NMR spectrometer, (B) 14.1T Agilent micro-imaging system (C) HyperSenseTM DNP polarizer and (D) 3T NMR Bruker spectrometer).The DNP polarizer is centered in the middle of all 3 MR systems providing them with hyperpolarized probes.