Hyperpolarized Probes

Mechanism-driven metabolic imaging probes for improved diagnosis and prognosis

The study of the origin and progression of most prevalent diseases, such as cancer, MS or TBI, is a constantly evolving field. New metabolic and biochemical mechanisms driving pathogenesis are constantly being uncovered. From an imaging perspective, such information is crucial as it enables the development of innovative, mechanism-driven imaging probes that exhibit high-specificity to the targeted process of interest. In our research, we propose to design new mechanism-driven hyperpolarized 13C probes, and aim to demonstrate their diagnostic and prognostic values. In the scientifically rich and fast moving environment of UCSF, we continue building collaborations and design metabolic, functional and molecular imaging methods based on the hyperpolarized 13C technology.

For more information about hyperpolarized probes, check out the table below and our review: Chaumeil et al, Methods of Enzymology (2015).